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Back at the end of 2020, the Hungarian government passed a law in which they defined family roles. They stated that a mother is a woman, and a father is a man. This has stirred up Hungarian public opinion, and a new initiative was born.

The new movement became the “A Család az család”, meaning that family is family [without reservation]. Several people have joined the movement, opposition politicians promoted the idea as well, and it seems that the latest to join the campaign is the Hungarian-born footballer Péter Gulácsi. He is currently playing at RB Leipzig as a goalkeeper. A few days back, on the 23rd of February, he shared his opinion on Facebook and supported “rainbow families”. You can read more about the amendment that was passed at the end of 2020 HERE.

A család az család – ez nem is lehet kérdés! Több mint 14 éve külföldön élek, mind a magánéletben, mind a…

Posted by Péter Gulácsi on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The post says the following:

Family is family, this could not be a question.

I have been living abroad for more than 14 years now. In both my private life and in professional sports, I have met various people who had different nationalities, cultures, religion, life philosophy or whatever else. The more time people spend abroad or among different people, the more they will realise that the fact that not everyone is the same. This makes the world more diverse, and the most important things in life are love, acceptance, and tolerance towards others.

Every person has the right to equality, and every child has the right to grow up in a happy family, be it small or large, consist of any genders, colour of skin or type of religion.

I stand by the rainbow families.

Speak up against hate. We should be more accepting and open.

According to Index, this is the first time a selected sportsperson publicly takes a position on such a sensitive current social topic.

Family Család Egyenlőség Equality
Péter Gulácsi and his family

In Hungary, the post went mostly unnoticed, but in some cases, it sprang an argument. The Hungarian opposition politician Katalin Cseh also shared the footballer’s post and reacted happily about Péter Gulácsi taking a position on such a topic.

The international media, however, reacted much more positively. Index reported that his football club’s Facebook page proudly shared the post in their feed, and several German newspapers have written about his commitment, such as the Spiegel and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Even politicians were involved, as Terry Reintke and Daniel Freund said that what Péter did was a brave decision and that speaking up in this matter is important.

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Featured image: Péter Gulácsi’s Facebook profile


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