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Demeter sole candidate for top LMP post

Demeter sole candidate for top LMP post

LMP’s parliamentary group leader, Márta Demeter, is running as the sole candidate for the green opposition party’s post of co-leader, which Bernadett Szél recently vacated.

A vote will be held on Oct. 20 at LMP’s congress, a party official said in a statement on Friday.

LMP is nominating lawmaker Péter Ungár to parliament’s national security committee to replace Demeter, Máté Kanász-Nagy, the party’s board chief, said.

Demeter entered parliament as a representative of the Socialist Party in 2014 and left the group in early 2017. She joined the LMP parliamentary group in September of that year. She became a party member earlier this year.

Szél resigned as co-leader in August 2018 after LMP’s ethics committee barred her from holding any positions within the party for three years. It did not order her to resign as co-leader, however. Nevertheless, she left the party and resigned as parliamentary group leader on Oct. 1.

László Lóránt Keresztes is the occupant of LMP’s other co-leadership post.

Photo: Facebook – Demeter Márta

Source: MTI



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