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Demjan Group donates EUR 1m to help migrant children

Demjan Group donates EUR 1m to help migrant children

Budapest, September 11 (MTI) – Hungary’s Demjan Group has offered 1 million euros to improve services for the children of migrant families.

In a statement sent to MTI on Friday, the Demjan Foundation said that the current migrant crisis could prove to be “the greatest humanitarian challenge” of the 21st century, and called for “the most efficient and humane” European practices to ease the problem.

The funds should be spent on food, clothing, transport, health services and information material for migrant children staying inside Hungary and along its borders, as well as to aid officials and volunteers working with them, the foundation said.

In the statement, entrepreneur Sandor Demjan called on “private individuals, businesspeople and institutions in and outside Hungary” to contribute to the fund in solidarity.



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