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Deputy prime minister voices government’s commitment to Hungarian diaspora

Deputy prime minister voices government’s commitment to Hungarian diaspora

Budapest, August 22 (MTI) – Hungary is committed to helping its diaspora retain its national identity, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén said in Budapest on Monday.

Semjén, who is in charge of Hungarian communities abroad, spoke at the opening of a training course for participants in the Kőrösi Csoma and Petőfi Sándor programmes aimed at reaching out to ethnic kin in other countries.

In his address, Semjén said that young people in the two schemes should “reshape” expatriate organisations so that they become “home to all Hungarians” including those temporarily working abroad. “We need open organisations in which the focus is not on politics or historical experience but the everyday life of Hungarians”, Semjén said. The goal is to create a “global network of the Hungarian cause” linking Hungarian organisations and communities, he added.

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“We love all Hungarians” is the motto for participants, and they should stay away from internal conflicts and keep a distance from possible frictions, Semjén warned. Semjén’s secretariat reported earlier that 692 young Hungarians had volunteered for the two schemes to teach Hungarian, and organise folkdance clubs and other cultural activities in communities of the diaspora worldwide.

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