Hungarian fashion designers have been receiving increasing attention for several years now. More and more outfits show up on international runways with huge success. Although they are “slightly” more expensive than casual dresses, real fashion fanatics are happy to give out a small fortune for these fascinating high-quality clothes. If you are one of them, the following list will show you where to find the most unique designer shops of Budapest.

Vass Shoes

Vass footwear are made from a wide variety of raw materials, you can even find calf, ostrich or cayman leather shoes. This shop is the home of the famous Budapest Shoe Model, which became the brand’s emblem due to its classic contours. Vass Shoes offer meticulously wrought products, insisting to the traditions of the shoemaker craft in the age of mass production. Their shoe salon in Budapest definitely worth a visit owing to its stylish, classic, civil milieu.
1052 Budapest, Haris square 2.
phone: +36 1 318 2375,

Nanushka Showroom

Despite the young age of the fashion designer, Sándor Szandra, Nanushka clothes are synonymous with casual deluxe all over the world. The pieces pursuing for modesty and simple elegance have became the trademark of the designer, who at the same is able to twist something about her tried and true methods in every season. The showroom is located in Csónak street in the Castle district, it is a pleasure to browse Nanushka clothes after viewing the district’s sights.
1015 Budapest, Csónak street 7.
phone: +36 1 202 1050,

Tothbori Salon

The rules of the obligatory “costume appearance” in business life have soften significantly lately. Tóth Bori took advantage of this market gap when she established her brand bearing her own name. Outside skirt-blazer-compositions, her work is characterized by collections which are aligned to the rules of perpetual elegance. The clothes give strong, independent appearance to their wearers and don’t lock women into stifling uniforms.
1065 Budapest, Hajós street 25.
phone: +36 1 354 1588,


Community creator place and coffee shop in one. The inventors of Printa didn’t fritter away their mission. The place is operating as a gallery, silkscreen studio, store and cafe at the same time. It is a collection point of contemporary Hungarian and international artists, where the black coffee is made of coffee beans purchased from small producers. The whole place is filled with friendly, urban, youthful, alter-pop atmosphere, a place where you don’t have to feel ill at ease or take yourself too seriously.
1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén street 10.
phone: +36 30 292 0329,


Entering this salon takes us hundreds of years back in time. Do not be fooled by the interior evoking the style of the early twentieth century; it is actually one of the coolest places of the city. The antique design forms a contrast with modernity, since the shop offers the bests of Hungarian designers’ work, like Anh Tuan or USE Unused.
1061 Budapest, Anker köz 2.
phone: +36 30 678 8430,

Ourstyle Boutique

The district of Károlyi garden is becoming more and more fashionable. One good example for this statement is Ourstyle Boutique. They started as a fashion blog, went on with a webshop, then with a pop up store, and finally opened their first permanent shop. Qualitative, cool, progressive, prior to age selection of the contemporary Hungarian fashion palette.
1053 Budapest, Henszlmann Imre street 3.
phone: +36 70 335 0793,

Monofashion Shop

One of the most popular design shops in the city center. Its owners filled a gaping hole with the opening of the shop, since it was difficult that time to find clothing items made in Hungary instead of ready to wear clothes made in an assembly line. Mono’s own brand is Nubu, but the shop also offers constantly changing guest designer collections.
1054 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos street 20.
phone: +36 1 317 7789,


Asking Hungarian fashion fanatics about their favorite national designers, there’s a good chance that the designers of R9 Showroom will be included in the answer. Szegedi Kata, Abodi Dóra and Mojzes Dóra, Benus Dani – all of them are members of that emerging generation which stirred the still water of Hungarian fashion a few years ago with its fresh and open-minded attitude. Women’s and men’s clothing, shoes and accessories consistent with international fashion trends are waiting for customers in the showroom in Ráday street.
1092 Budapest, Ráday street 9.
phone: +36 30 386 3484,

Design Terminal and Hybridart

The building in the immediate vicinity of Akvárium club was standing alone for many years. Today it provides professional receiving space for national fashion and design, and serves as a location of monumental exhibitions and events. Hybridart Design Shop&Cafe is on the street front of the building, convenient for a nice coffee break and measuring the offer of Hungarian designers. This institution is one of the latest ones on the city’s design scene.
1051 Budapest, Erzsébet square 13.
phone: +36 1 327 7200

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by Zsófia Luca Szemes



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