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Tokaj Wine Region is one of the most beautiful places in Northeast Hungary, with a population of 5,000 inhabitants. The settlement is located at the confluence of the rivers Tisza and Bodrog, at the foot of Tokaj Mountains. Thanks to the rivers and smaller mountains, the area has a very diverse landscape, providing breathtaking panorama. Even though the city has become world-famous for its wine region, this part of the country is not crowded at all. Fortunately, this is why natural values ​​have been successfully preserved.

Tokaj Wine Region – World Heritage Site

Tokaj Wine Region was labelled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002 due to the distinctive character of the wine region. The Historic-Cultural Landscape consists of 28 villages and 7000 classified vineyards. 

The peculiar micro-climate of the north-eastern mountains of Hungary makes it possible to produce aszú wines, which is provided exclusively in this part of the world. 

This sweet golden wine is a special dessert, also called as the “Wine of Kings, King of Wines” by the famous emperor King Louis XIV of France. The original Latin text – “vinum regum, rex vinorum” – is still written on Aszú bottles. There are several types of aszú, which are also indicated on the glasses with 5 to 6 “puttonys”.

Programme Guide in Tokaj

Thanks to its diverse landscapes, several walking tours and hiking programmes are provided in the region. Furthermore, the nearby rivers of Tokaj – River Bodrog and Tisza – offer numerous sport and entertainment opportunities. One of the most popular is the canoe trip from Tokaj to Sárospatak. Those who would like to relax can visit a newly designed spa on the opposite bank of the Tisza, which attracts people especially on hot summer days.

Of course, we cannot miss wine lovers either who can get an insight into the process of winemaking, visit some spectacular vineyards, or taste the irresistible wines of Tokaj.

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As reports, there are several programme opportunities in the vicinity as well:

  • The city of Nyíregyháza and Sóstógyógyfürdő;
  • Nyíregyháza Zoo;
  • The old wine cellars;
  • Fishing lakes;
  • Hiking in Zemplén, Monok, Sátoraljaújhely, Zemplén etc.
Sauska Winery View Design Plan Tokaj Bord Architect Studio
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