According to, the list is led by a Péter Máté song that people cannot get tired of. There are 52 musicians, authors or successors who receive royalties above HUF 1 million. The data were published by Artisjus.

Last year, 18.348 new musical pieces were registered, which means a 14%-increase compared to the previous year. One fourth of those were pop songs. 1377 authors received at least a HUF 50 thousand royalty in 2015 – this number was only 1075 in 2014.

52 people got more than one million forints, 80 received an amount between HUF 1 million and 500 thousand, 656 got between HUF 500 thousand and 100 thousand, while 589 composers received a sum between 100 and 50 thousand forints. The most played song is still Elmegyek (I go) by Péter Máté. reported that the new authors are getting younger. Artisjus awarded two young composers under 30 in junior category last year. There is an increasing proportion of women among authors: their rate is around 15%. It was only 4-5% in 2005. In addition, there are more women among lyrics writers than among composers.

According to Artisjus and ProArt, a one-third of the author’s income comes from royalties. The 25%-increase of royalty payments partly occurred due to the change of rules.

An average song is 3 minutes and 54 seconds long. Pop songs are the most popular new songs (23%), followed by rock and electro/dance (15-15%), classical (10%), alternative music (9%), soundtracks (8%), world music (7%), hip hop (6%) and jazz (3%), wrote.

One of the most successful Hungarian rock bands is Tankcsapda. They give concerts abroad as well:

41% of the new songs are instrumental, 25% of them are in English.

According to Artisjus, 17 billion forints were paid to the copyright protector association and 49% of it was received by the authors.

The most important income source of the Hungarian musician that follows the royalties is the concert money which makes 33% of her total income. However, they cannot substitute the decrease of CD sales, so a musician has to be diversified, concluded.

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