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According to, journey time from Budapest reduces by half an hour in the directions of Linz, Salzburg and Munich from December 13. MAV START will adjust the timetable to the needs and the finished developments several times during next year.

Travelers will get to Linz, Salzburg and Munich 30 minutes earlier. Each train, whose final station was Wien Westbahnhof before, arrives at Hauptbahnhof, including the Vienna EC trains and the international night fast trains called Dacia and Chopin as well. Trains going through Vienna to Munich and Zurich will not touch Westbahnhof either. The route modification means a half hour-quicker access from Budapest in the direction of Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich and Zurich. The Vienna trains will depart exactly 30 minutes later as usual from the Keleti train station, and they will arrive 30 minutes earlier on the way back. (Except the Kalman Imre EuroNight train).

Besides, the railway supply remains unchanged, with one or two new features: Lehar EC, which departs from Vienna to Budapest in the morning, will start off in the afternoon, and the route of Hortobagy EC, which operated between Vienna and Debrecen, will be extended to Nyiregyhaza. Avala train between Vienna and Belgrade remains unchanged. The latter two operate through Budapest-Keleti, so Avala EC will come by touching Kiskoros, not Kecskemet. The EURegio trains offer connecting services in both directions at Hegyeshalom, so Parndorf and Bruck will be easier to access from Budapest, and it will be easier to travel from the settlements between Gyor and Mosonmagyarovar to Vienna as well, wrote.

On the Prague-Bratislava-Budapest-Dresden-Berlin-Hamburg line, only one of the previous three services operates on the entire section, the other two calls for a transfer in Prague. All trains’ travel time will be reduced by 10 minutes on the Budapest-Prague section.

The Budapest-Moscow line (Varsovia EC 130, EC 131), which operated only once a week in the winter and summer seasons in the previous years, operates again on daily basis with favorable departure and arrival dates. The convenience of the journey, which is only one-night long, is further enhanced by modern sleeping coaches and by the services of the dining coach operating on the Budapest-Warsaw line.

The departure time of the Hargita InterCity (IC 367, IC 366) towards Hungary will be 5 hours later, so you can travel from Sfântu Gheorghe/Sepsiszentgyorgy, from Csikszereda and from Gyegyoszentmiklos towards Hungary in the morning. On the completion of the Szolnok-Puspokladany section, the return from Kolozsvar and Nagyvarad will be allowed again. Citadella (no. 246 and 247) departs to Ljubljana in the morning, so you can occupy your accommodation comfortably on arrival at the Slovenian capital, and you can schedule sightseeing for that day as well. Connections are available towards tourist destinations in mountains (Postojna, Bled) or at the beach. In the summer season, a part of the train goes further in the direction of Postojna and the beach (Koper), from where it comes back in the early morning. Dining coach service and bicycle transport option are still available.

MAV START offers rail travel options to the Christmas fairs of the neighboring countries in an affordable price during Advent. Relief train called Advent Eurocity operates between Vienna and Budapest on Saturdays. Some possible destinations in addition to the always popular Vienna: Bratislava/Pozsony, Prague, Brno, Warsaw, Krakow, Dresden, Linz, Salzburg and Graz. You should buy tickets for the international trains as soon as possible, since overcrowding is expected during the Advent period, and the Austrian ticket examiners are allowed to dispatch standing passengers. The railway company suggests that the passengers should buy their tickets on the Internet or by cashier pre-emption.

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