All in all, there are 26 beaches on the map, reports.

In Budapest the Kopaszi-gat (Kopaszi dam) is a great place for having a walk with the doggies but if you go a little further, in Dunakeszi, Kisoroszi and Veresegyhaz there are also dog friendly beaches, reports.

Near Lake Balaton the eastern end of the beach in Csopak, the Belső-tő of Tihany, the Kővágóörsi Kutyaparadicsom and Alsóbélatelep of Fonyod are equally enjoyable for both the owners and the doggies. However, it is emphasized that The Hungarian Sea is not visitable with pets except the dogs go into the water from a ship instead of the strand.

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  1. Nice to read that some Hungarian dogs get the chance to have fun. Im sick of seeing dogs on chains and short ones too, such a shame as a dog is a wonderful companion who only needs food exercise and some love and affection.

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