According to, Sebastian Gorka (Sebestyén Gorka), one of the advisors of the White House, resigned from his post last Friday. The resigning letter of the advisor of Hungarian origin was published by the rightist The Federalist, which was followed by further affirmations by officials.

The New York Times believes that Gorka was forced to resign. On the other hand, one of the officials of the president’s office told Politico that “Sebastian Gorka didn’t resign, but I can confirm that he won’t be working in the White House anymore”.

Politico also quoted Gorka’s resigning letter. “Unfortunately, those who embodied and represented the policy of ‘Make America great again!’ were put into the shade despite their will, they were methodically eliminated or wrecked in the past months.”

Sebastian Gorka was Donald Trump’s advisor in the matters of national defence. Several people thought that he was Islam-phobic because he propagated that aggression was part of the Islam religion and this was obvious if someone read the Coran. Gorka was a divisive character in both politics and the press.

The New York Times recalled that at the time of his appointment Gorka said that “the alpha males were returning to the White House”. In his resigning letter, the advisor also stated that he didn’t agree with the government’s new strategy against Afghanistan.

Roger Stone, Trump’s former advisor who’s also of Hungarian origin, told Politico that he believes that “there’s a certain go-getter group in the White House, which tries to convert the Trump government into the George Soros type of globalism”. Stone added that Gorka was one of the few people who actually understood Trump’s view of the world.

The 46-year-old Sebastian Gorka, who was born in Great Britain as the child of Hungarian parents, previously taught at the University of National Defence and became famous as the columnist of the rightist Breitbart News portal. He was the colleague of strategic chief advisor Steve Bannon (to whom he allegedly can thank his appointment), who was eliminated from the White House last week.

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