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Budapest, 2016. augusztus 15. Az ausztrál Tess Gouldsmith (j3), Laura Dunett (j2) és Brittany Henderson (j), valamint az olasz Giuseppe Gesso (b3) és Domenico Arganese (b2), illetve a brit Robert Plumtree (b) Budapesten a Várhegy-alagút fölött 2016. augusztus 14-én. A fiatalok idén fejezték be egyetemi tanulmányaikat és a nyarat európai utazással töltik. A fesztivál zenei programján kívül kíváncsiak Budapest látnivalóira és a magyar ételkülönlegességekre is. MTI Fotó: Balogh Zoltán

City tours are not only a great way to spend a weekday afternoon or weekend morning, but also give a fun insight on the specialities of Budapest. Here is our top 5 recommendation. Enjoy. If you visit Pécs, try our recommendations of Pécs city tours.

Spa throw two millenia – Budapest Walks

We have already written about the truly magnificent spas in Budapest: you know nothing about the city until you have tried at least one of them. Budapest Walks’ tour is about the history of our popular baths, the true essence of what Romans have given us centuries ago. During the Turkish invasion, thermal springs have been revitalized, as they were an essential part of the invaders’ culture. Finally, by the end of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, they have reached their real unfading appeal.

rudas bath

Golden Age Budapest – Hosszúlépés.Járunk?

The urban tour introduces one of Hungary’s most spectacular period; the flourishing Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

During this time, the city has become a cultural and architectural hub in the middle of Europe, with truly fine buildings.

The city tour starts with the story of the city unification, then follows at St Stephen’s Cathedral and the historical downtown of Budapest. Some of the other main sights of the city are covered by the tour as well: the Great Market Hall and the State Opera House.

budapest hosszúlépés

Crime and history in the Buda Castle with Willie Slick – Imagine Budapest

Imagine Budapest’s tours aim to go beyond the regular walking tours: their goal is to enrich participants with a one-of-a-kind historical experience and to let them know the hidden treasures of the city. The tours are organized around special themes such as the crime and history walk that we recommend here.

The walk is guided by Willie Slick, a pickpocket.

At one of the most popular tours of Imagine Budapest, Willie leads the participants through the Buda Castle, executions and interesting stories. It is no wonder that both locals and tourists like this tour so much: the secret and hidden atmosphere of past centuries do grab one’s attention for the two hours of the walk, and beyond.

imagine budapest crime and history tour

Aristocracy on one side, servants on the other – Beyond Budapest

The tours of Beyond Budapest try to make participants feel the Hungarian reality in the streets of Budapest. That is the main reason they provide tours in topics such as social inequality and the 8th district, sights in Budapest downtown and the Jewish cemetery.

fszek metropolitan szabo ervin library

Aristocracy on one side, servants on the other also reflects this kind of perspective: at the tour, you can see the luxury side of Budapest, including the Metropolitan Szabó Ervin Library and the stories of great times. It also displays what servants must have seen from their own perspective in poverty.

RUIN PUBS 2.0: Urban Transformation and Commercial Architecture – KÉK

KÉK, the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre is an independent organization aiming at opening dialogues about the connections between architecture, the city and culture.

Their objectives include promoting urban and critical thinking through provoking programs and opening new perspectives.

csendesruin bar

Their ruin pub tour combines gastronomy with the architecture of the city. They introduce ruin-bars, the most popular constructions and tourist attractions of the city with a focus on Inner-Erzsébetváros. They bring in modern architecture as an essential part of the ruin-pub culture, as interiors created by young architects and designers are an important part in distinguishing these bars from other pubs.

Featured image: MTI, Balogh Zoltán

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