children playing on a playground in 1970-80

Feeling nostalgic? Take a walk with us down memory lane! We are going back to what it was like growing up in the ’70s and ’80s.

Back when children could go to the store on their own, where coffee was freshly minced, and parents were not worried about a car hitting their child. If kids were bored they would just walk out the house, run down the stairs and instantly find someone to play with because everyone knew everyone.

Not only were smartphones and tablets not a thing, no one really had such expensive toys. Kids relied on their imagination and whatever they could get their hands on. They were happy with playing soccer with buttons, hide and seek, tag, and hopscotch was more than fine to keep them entertained. Building sandcastles and climbing things provided endless fun.

When they would visit their grandparents they often did not have any toys, but they did have many children there to have fun with, to run around with, to catch animals with. They rode their bikes, bathed in rivers and laughed a lot. No one cared about getting muddy and a single ball could keep them occupied for hours and hours.

Little ones and older kids played peacefully together, they did not need the presence of a parent, if someone was misbehaving an older child would just tell them not to and the activities would continue. Because kids were taught to listen to their elders, whether they be an adult or not.

There may not have been as many things as there are today, but what they had was more than enough and they were happy with it. They did not need 20 different ice cream flavors and a mug of chocolate milk could make anyone’s day better.

There was no need for fancy sweets because grandma’s cooking and baking were the best there ever could be — although, that still applies today, doesn’t it? — there was always some treat waiting for the grandkids. A piece of bread with some fat on it and with vegetables, sometimes tomatoes, sometimes pepper, or maybe even fruit, like apples and watermelon, was the most delicious dinner after a long and exhausting day of playing.

Postcards were still a thing back in the day — and they would be such sweet gestures today, too — and whenever someone went to a camp they would send one to their parent. Although, the card often arrived way after the child had returned home.

With no Netflix and other streaming platform, kids had to find other ways to tell and listen to stories. There were televisions, but there was nothing on air on Monday. But who cared? With a slide-projector, no one needed it anyway.

Kids today can barely imagine a day without their smartphones and apps, but if only they knew everything the world and a good group of friends with a little imagination can offer.

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