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Around 1.2 million Hungarians plan to emigrate, 41 pc of whom are youngsters. As writes, the main reasons are low wages and the politics of the Orbán-government.

Publicus has published the latest representative survey about Hungarian emigration. The research produced shocking results: at least 7 close family members or friends of respondents have migrated already.

Altogether 73 pc of respondents are affected by emigration somehow, with 15 pc of them planning to work abroad, which means an estimated amount of 1.2 million people.

According to the research, there are no significant differences in the tendency to emigrate regarding party preferences, but there are regarding different age groups and education.

59 pc of those personally affected by emigration are lower-educated and have high school diplomas, while this number adds up to 78-81 pc in case of better-qualified groups of people. Concerning age groups, the most affected are clearly younger generations: respondents younger than 45 years reported about having a family member or friend who emigrated, while the same cannot be told of older people. The ratio added up to only 62 pc in the older age group.

As the study found out, 4 out of 10 youngsters are planning to or tend to try their luck abroad, which means an estimated amount of 580,000 emigrants under the age of 30.

With this government in office, youngsters are gone

The main reason for the migration of young Hungarian workforce has changed since last year, as stated by the research.

Last year, most respondents told that they are looking for jobs with better salaries. According to 59 pc of those who answered, Hungarian salaries are not even close enough to maintain a stable household.

Instead, the primary focus has moved from the economic perspective to a rather political one: the government.

Recently, we have written about the socialists urge to address emigration in a national crisis plan. Although according to the Ministry of Human Resources, the number of doctors’ emigration is slowing down, the latest studies and researches do not seem to back up this theory. Within the huge problem of emigration of the Hungarian workforce, doctors’ emigration represents a primary issue that needs to be solved in the near future.


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