On Monday, the Dutch daily business news outlet, Het Financieele Dagblad, published an opinion article on the EU’s financial package, which was negotiated this summer and is still awaiting implementation. According to the author of the Dutch article, Poland and Hungary are threatening to veto the nearly €2,000 billion package because they do not want the rule of law as “they have been violating it for years”.

Magyar Nemzet says that depressing opinions and articles in the Dutch press about Hungary are nothing new, but this time Het Financieele Dagblad might have gone one step over the line. They attached a caricature to their article in which

they depicted the flags of the members of the EU, but with a middle finger on both Hungary’s and Poland’s national flag.

András Kocsis, Hungary’s Ambassador to the Hague, wrote to the editorial office of the newspaper in order to respond to the accusations in the article against Hungary, but the paper refused to publish the ambassador’s response.

The Embassy of Hungary to the Hague, therefore, published the ambassador’s response article. Kocsis writes: “The simplification of the European debate to middle fingers depicted on national flags, such as the illustration” in the “opinion article of 19 October, shows […] a complete lack of understanding” of the situation.

In his article, András Kocsis points out that the source of the conflict between Hungary and other European countries is not truly the rule of law but rather an ideological conflict between liberal and Christian democracy. As he puts it, the Hungarian government is firmly favouring national sovereignty and focuses on the family.

The ambassador also responded to the article on his Twitter account:

hungary poland
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Source: Magyarnemzet.hu

  1. Mark my words it won’t be long before the other EU 25 give the finger (and the boot) to the Hungarian and Polish governments.

  2. Not elegant but it gives the idea about the general sentiment of most Europeans towards Orban’s Hungary and Kaczynski’s Poland

  3. It has long been advocated by many SENSIBLE INDIVIDUALS within Central Europe that both the Hungarian and Polish Governments ‘show a middle finger’ to those so-called ‘neo-liberal’ / Socialist / Communist / Stalinist / homophilic / migrophilic / Judeo-Christiaphobic MENTAL DELINQUENTS working in the ‘cesspits’ of Brussels and Strasbourg as well as their political masters ( such as wealthy nonagenarians and various European Governments – including France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden) which financially and politically support those foolish notions.

    The fact is that the opinion piece published by this ‘two-bit’ Dutch newspaper – which in reality is good for nothing but wiping ones’ rear end after having a huge crap – is reflective of major despair now gripping many European leaders who had hoped for ‘easy money’ to overcome enormous economic / moral / social problems created by the TOTAL STUPIDITY of ‘Mother Merkel’ five years ago.

    May flags of INDEPENDENT EUROPEAN NATIONS such as Hungary and Poland continue to proudly fly long after the star-studded blue table-cloth of the E.U. is thrown into History’s dust-bin.

  4. Maybe its because both Hungary and Poland make a good point that the rest of the EU are too obstinate to understand or discuss..

  5. The Dutch etc are absolutely jealous of Orbans popularity in Hungary & economic success compared to the effeminate soy-boy cross dressing pedo Dutch etc & their sycophants in the leftist press..

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