HVG.hu reports that Hungarian State Railways (MÁV) finally made purchasing an e-ticket possible: from now on if you enter the online system to buy a ticket for a train, you can get a real electronic ticket.

It has been a possibility to purchase tickets for trains online for a while now, however, these had to be printed out either at home or at the machines of railway stations in order to be used. The e-ticket for trains on the other hand eliminates the printing end of the process.

The use of e-tickets in Budapest was predicted, see how:

You shall carry out the online purchasing of a ticket the same way as earlier, but forget about printing, it is completely enough and suitable if you download the ticket to any of your devices which can open it in at least 160×160 pixels. Conveniently, you may not even need to spend much time with looking for a ticket, but simply and quickly purchase it on your way to the railway station.

The schedule of MÁV is part of Google Maps

The Hungarian State Railways (MÁV) accepts the downloaded pdf format of the ticket on either your phone, laptop, or even smart-watch. You can use e-tickets on any of the trains, there are no limitations, however, bear in mind that only the person indicated on the ticket is eligible to travel with it at the set date and indicated route.

Photo: MÁV

Source: hvg.hu

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