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Microsoft’s CEO in Budapest

Satya Nadella in Budapest #microsoft

The gorgeous architecture of the baths in Budapest

Which one is your very favourite bath in Budapest? :)

Taxation – the Government clashes with the domestic media industry

The advertisement tax is about to be majorly increased

Metro line M3 – no end to the problems?

It seems that these carriages will not make the lives of the passengers easier

A Hungarian astronomer rewarded by UNESCO

Congrats to Ágnes Kóspál for her reward and work!

No trial but Kanye West has to pay Gábor Presser

Kanye West has to pay! Earlier Gábor Presser demanded 2.5 million USD from Kanye West for the unrightful using of “Gyöngyhajú lány”

Luke Evans at the Budapest premiere of Beauty and the Beast – VIDEO

Guess who popped in at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast...

FINA – Budapest2017: The legendary Rolling Stones might play at the opening ceremony

The Rolling Stones would pull off quite an opening ceremony, surely

Corruption and the residency bond scheme in Hungary

The residency bond system appears to be the textbook example of legal corruption...

A Hungarian dog was chosen most beautiful at a British dog show

Congrats to Zara and József Szalczinger on their wonderful success! :)

Telegraph’s 25 amazing things about Hungary

Which is your favourite point from the list?

Huge concerts in Budapest Park this season

Awesome concerts to be held in Budapest Park this very season...go get your tickets! :)

Metallica is coming to Budapest!

Get your calendars ready: Metallica comes to the Budapest Sportaréna in 2018! Tickets on sale...

6 burger places in Budapest to visit

Prepare for some tasty content :)

Swimming: Hungarian successes at the Golden Tour

The three days of the Golden Tour, French swimming competition, brought successes for the Hungarian swimmers, as collected by and The second destination of […]

Oscar winners – The child actresses of Sing with major Hollywood stars

Take a look at the Hollywood adventures of the Oscar-winning two girls of Sing - Mindenki

Preterm conjoined Hungarian twin babies could only live for two hours

Sadly, the babies did not really have any chance for a life...

Masses of people, including Hungarians, are leaving the UK

There is a massive decrease in the number of people immigrating to the UK, while the number of those emigrating from it keeps increasing #brexit #unitedkingdom #uk #labourmarket

Hungarian Tímea Babos’s spectacular victory in Budapest

Congrats to Tímea Babos for her wonderful success!

The list of the most visited settlements in Hungary

The list of the most visited settlements in Hungary, interesting ranking ;)