An Italian man became the subject of indictment on the basis of robbing several shops, tobacco shops, and two women, writes The criminal acts were carried out in Districts V and XIII.

The Prosecutors of Districts V and XIII in Budapest indicted an Italian man for five counts of robbery, including robbing two women, tobacco and other shops in Budapest last year.

According to the statement of the prosecutors, a 37-year-old Italian man carried out robbery within two consecutive days, with a 12cm long knife, in two shops in Pannónia and Radnóti streets, District XIII, a shop in downtown Budapest, and then attacked two women.

One of the women was subjected to the act in a staircase, while the other was attacked in the street. The valuables of both of them were taken away.

The serial robber is currently in pre-trial detention and his case is to be decided by the Pest Central District Court.

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