We might easily say that most people are quite fond of burgers, may it by of any type, which is why the list of szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu recommending special places for burger-lovers can come in handy.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect burgers, especially if you don’t want to end up in a fast-food restaurant, but crave for something more pleasing in terms of ingredients or even size. So, bear with us and let us guide you through the recommendations of szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu in order to find your new favourite burger place.

  1. Attaboy Streat Food Bistro

Located in Síp street, Attaboy offers fresh and huge burgers for its customers, but there are several burgers which can be ordered straight to your home if you don’t feel like going out. Notably, vegetarians are also welcome and can find a burger for themselves as well.


The favourite one of the author is called Surf and Turf, which includes shrimps, started off as a limited summer edition, but due to its success, managed to be kept on the menu. And apparently, the average price is 1590 HUF.

  1. Vegan Love – Vegan Street Food

As the name suggests, the burgers of Vegan Love don’t include meat or cheese, yet they seem to be suitable even for meat-lovers, for they’re so well-composed and delicious. One difference is significant though; after eating a huge burger with fries and some veggies, you’ll feel full but not gastro-shocked or exhausted.


The author names the sweet potato burger as his/her favourite, so that might be a good start for your vegan burger adventures. The place is run by the owners of another burger bar, called Magic Burger, and the price/burger is about 1490-1590 HUF.

  1. Paneer

The first weirdo on the list is Paneer, cause it does not have anything that can remind you of the burger patties. Instead, it is properly filled with cheese in breadcrumbs (rántott sajt), which makes sure you don’t leave the place hungry.


Even more so, a giant cheesy-burger can feel just as much as a meaty one. Perfect place for cheese-lovers, who cannot decide between the good old breadcrumb version with fries and a nice big hamburger. Strongly recommended, author’s favourite is the super cheddar burger, but currently a mac-n-cheese option is also available. Upon paying, you shall be prepared to get a bill of 1250-1650 HUF.

  1. Központ Bisztró

A nice bistro situated in Újpest, neither a specifically burger place nor a fast-food restaurant, yet they shall surely be included in your burger-tour. Offering loads of variations, you should definitely not miss the homemade crisps sided with the burgers.


The guests mainly stop by the bistro for brekkie or lunch, wherefore it is really significant that they offer quality burgers. Author’s favourite is the Mexican burger, and your wallet will be shorter by 1490-1890 HUF upon leaving.

  1. Bamba Marha Burger Bar

Perfect choice for burger-lovers, plus, there are always some exciting novelties offered. The real strength of this place appears to be the wide range of sauces, which cannot be found anywhere else and add serious goodness to your burger.


The author’s favourite is the Bamba Marha burger, which takes you on a food journey accompanied by parmesan crisps, shiitake mushrooms and umami ketchup. Besides, three bars of the brand are available in Budapest (at Oktogon, Deák square, and the Basilica), which all have their own menus. The prices vary between 1290-1990 HUF.

  1. Á la Maison Grand

A foreshadowing name, yes, you should expect something special and unusual: it is not only beef or pork or chicken that you can find in the burger after a bite, but salmon! The place invites you to try out these beautifully composed fish burgers with nice sauces.


Mind you, the fish is also rather huge. The real favourite of the author is a nice salmon one with arugula, and the price in the salmon heaven is 2990 HUF.

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Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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