The three days of the Golden Tour, French swimming competition, brought successes for the Hungarian swimmers, as collected by nemzetisport.hu and hvg.hu.

The second destination of the Golden Tour swimming series was held in Marseilles over this weekend (March 3-5) and called swimmers to compete against each other in a 50m pool. The victories did not only bring prestige but money prize as well. Several of the amazing Hungarian swimmers could bid farewell with shiny medals on their necks.

Day 1

The finals of the opening day kicked off with Boglárka Kapás defeating everyone on 800m (8:25.89) and 1500m (16:12.86) freestyle. These finals also had Katinka Hosszú and she became the second in both cases (8:32.22; 16:16.92). But she could top that by winning gold when it came to the 400m medley (4:37.16) and had a sixth place on 50m backstroke (29.53).


Dávid Verrasztó also scored a victory on the 400m medley (4:10.01), while Gergely Gyurta won silver (4:13.36) just behind him. The tables turned, however, on the 800m free, as Gyurta was first (7:54.47) and Verrasztó became third (7:59.00).

Day 2

Dávid Verrasztó continued his winning strike and became the very first in the final of 200m breaststroke (2:12.88) and 200m medley (1:59.49). Bence Biczó could also stand on the top of the pedestal, as he swam the fastest on 200m fly (1:57.44).

Katinka Hosszú became the proud owner of another gold, too, as she beat the others on 200m medley (2:14.39). She also won silver on 200m free (1:57.76) and 100m back (1:00.95) and swam in the final of 200m breast, finishing as eighth (2:46.46).

Gergely Gyurta kept on performing well, too, and won silver on 400m fly (3:51.80) and became sixth on 200m fly (2:01.88), while Boglárka Kapás was seventh on 200m free (2:01.05), and Dániel Dudás became eighth on 200m medley (2:08.76).


Day 3

The final day did not lack in medals for the Hungarians: Boglárka Kapás won 400m free (4:06.14) allowing Katinka Hosszú only to bring the silver home (4:07.18). Though, she did not rest and beat everyone on 200m back (2:11.03) and became eighth on 100m free (58.46), 100m fly (1:07.70) and 100m breast (1:16.40).


Dávid Verrasztó closed the event with winning bronze on 200m back (1:59.90), whereas Dániel Dudás ended up being the eighth in the final of 200m free (1:51.91).

Cover photo: Verrasztó Dávid – facebook.com/uszoszovetseg

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Source: nemzetisport.hu, hvg.hu

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