London, 2017. február 12. Nemes Jeles László rendezõ (k), valamint Sipos Gábor (b) és Rajna Gábor producerek a sajtószobában tartott fotózáson, miután átvették a legjobb idegen nyelvû filmért járó elismerést a Brit Film- és Televíziós Mûvészeti Akadémia (BAFTA) díjkiosztó ünnepségén a londoni Royal Albert Hallban 2017. február 12-én. (MTI/EPA/Andy Rain)

Son of Saul appears to be quite a favourite film at the award shows, winning several great awards and calling some attention to the Hungarian participants of the film industry. No surprise than that now the British critics named it as the Best Film Not in the English Language at this year’s BAFTA Awards.

The work of László Nemes Jeles keeps receiving honourable titles on the international scale, as writes that, this time, it was the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) that brought some recognition to Son of Saul, on Sunday (Feb 12).

Take a look at what the international press wrote about Son of Saul winning an Oscar

Just a year after winning the Oscar, Nemes Jeles could step onto the stage of the most prestigious British film awards to accept the BAFTA for the Best Film Not in the English Language. Apparently, the category lined up great films, such as Toni Erdmann, Julieta, Dheepan, and Mustang, making the choice quite difficult and exciting.

The lucky strike – regarding the awards – of Son of Saul began in Cannes, where it won the Grand Prize in 2015. And the nominations kept turning into statues, as it received a Golden Globe, the Critics’ Prize in Luxembourg and the makers were also given the Kossuth Award in Hungary.

Recently, László Nemes Jeles won Director of the Year at the London Film Critics’ Circle Awards

The Hungarian alternative holocaust drama made its debut in the British cinemas last April, that is presumably the reason it was included among the BAFTA nominees only this year, and not in 2016. Notably, until now, there was only one time when a Hungarian film was nominated and then actually named as Best Film Not in the English Language, and it was Colonel Redl by István Szabó, in 1986.


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