Several videos and photos have been taken of Budapest already, but, luckily, people’s interest in the visual representation of the beautiful Hungarian capital city does not seem to lessen. This time you may rest your eyes on this incredibly magical timelapse video giving a tour in Újbuda, created out of 19 thousand photos by Szabolcs Simó. writes that it took nearly a year and several weeks of post-production for Szabolcs Simó to finalize the footage guiding the audience around the sights, natural heritages, community and sport life of District 11.

Watch this spectacular day to night timelapse vid of Budapest too

These 19 thousand photos captured Újbuda in every season, thus, you can take an insight into the life of the locals in various circumstances, and may even get the idea of what to expect when you visit the city in the summer or winter.

Check it out below and, if convinced, why not start planning your trip to Budapest?

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