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Astonishing Day to Night Budapest Time-lapse – Video

Astonishing Day to Night Budapest Time-lapse – Video

Countless photos and videos have been taken to preserve the beauty of Budapest, but a French photographer called Greg Florent created something truly unique. The video was discovered by

Florent spent two months in Budapest, Hungary, and made it his goal to preserve the magic of the city through the photos he’d taken, and to make a time-lapse video later. He took plenty of photos both day and night, primarily focusing on architectural landmarks like bridges, the Buda castle, or the Liberty Statue.

The video has captured the essence of Budapest, and alternates between day and night (or night and day). Commenting his work Florent writes that “Buda… Pest… two characters separated by the Danube,” and “Day… night… two atmospheres separated by an invisible thread. Budapest, ‘pearl of Danube’, knows how to seduce at any hour, so why choose, when one can enjoy all its charms at the same time?”

Do you like the day- or the night time pictures better? Leave a comment!

Video: Youtube/Greg Florent

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