This year, Halloween is different, the parties are smaller, and they end earlier. For sure, there will be a mask for everyone. Funzine has collected the best programs in Budapest for Halloween. There is a family event, quiz night, and a costume party as well.

Halloween Czakó Piacz
“Maybe Halloween is not the biggest holiday for Hungarians, but it is still an opportunity to celebrate, organise a program, and try on a new costume. That is why we decided with our producers that we have many surprises waiting for you. There will be pumpkin ravioli courtesy of Lashka pasta workshop, there will be pumpkin lanterns, pumpkin delicacies, surprises, raffles, and a Halloween menu in the Bistro,” writes Funzine.

Pumpkin carving-gardening with fairy tale heroes
“Our stories of the Fairytale Plants program aims to bring children closer to nature. Children learn playfully, unnoticed, through experiences of plants and wildlife. Gardening with your favourite fairy tale hero is a childhood experience you will always remember.”

Halloween Vegan Market and Unloading
“The Gates of Vegan Garden are reopening for treasure hunting. The Market offers vegan foods, detergents, soaps, custom t-shirts, belt bags, jewellery, houseplants, pots, and all kinds of beauties. We are waiting for you, your friends, and all those who are interested, and who have run out of quarantine supplies.”

Gozsdu Halloween 2020 – Come if you dare!
“If you are underage, face painting, mask making, pumpkin painting, costume competition, and other surprises await you from 11 am. If you are an adult, as soon as evening comes, we will be waiting for you from 6 pm in a special, creepy setting where anything can happen. Coming in a costume is highly recommended if you want to win a valuable gift. Come if you dare!”

Halloween Nightmare
“Dark hours are coming this Halloween. A group of terrifying figures thought to summon the true spirit of Halloween. A long and bumpy road leads to the final seance. Adventure with us in the maze of darkness, but remember, when you see the ghost, do not look back, just run!”

Halloween costume candy collection in Lurdy
“On the last day of October, the day of Halloween, we can start dressing up to collect sweets. That is exactly what will be the case in Lurdy. If you feel like hiding in a costume and visiting the Lurdy House to capture sugar, chocolate, and sweets, then this is the place for you.”

Your Halloween Story at the Hard Rock Hotel Budapest
“Are you ready for the scariest date of the year? Would you also meet scary ghosts on Halloween night? Join the haunting spirits at the most wicked party of the year. The Night of Witches and Ghosts is coming soon; do not miss the party of the year!”

Halloween party at Life1 gyms
“The creepiest celebration of the year is approaching, which we are also preparing for with a terribly good program: Halloween Party at Life1 Nyugati on October 28-31. Pick up your favourite costume plus a scary accessory or make-up, or simply dress up in black/orange and train with us in terribly enjoyable group classes in a deathly mood.”

Halloween Party @ Neverland
“It is a great opportunity for the company to party together, hiding in some frantic masquerade. We take care of the rest: there will be special Halloween drinks and food, a special selection of Halloween music served by our DJs, and the unmissable Neverland atmosphere. Join us again for another unforgettable Mexican-style Halloween party.”

Night of fear – rowing in the lagoons
“Are you brave enough to get up from the couch and embark on an unusual adventure? Now is your chance to sign up for one of the events of our shivering weekend, like night rowing. In this case, everything is a little more mysterious: the lights filtering through the mist, the evening mist over the water, and the candlelight flickering in the windows of the houses of the narrow lagoons….”

Halloween Costume Urban Rolling
“Lifestyle Roller Skating Budapest invites you to a Halloween costume rolling once again. Planned route: Deák Square-Bécsi Street-Szervita Square-Petőfi Sándor Street-Ferenciek Square-Károlyi Street-Egyetem Square-Királyi Pál Street-Vámház Circuit-Szabadság Bridge-Margit Bridge-Parliament-Bajcsy Street-Deák Square.”

Witch Saturday on Gellert Hill: attracted by legends
“A little different than usual, we set off on a witch’s walk on Gellert Hill: witches, witchcraft, medicine men, and their companions. And why exactly withes? It will be revealed on the walk.”

Horror Quiz
“On Halloween night, we will surprise you with a horror quiz. We are waiting for four teams of up to five people each to sit at their own table and answer questions drawn from the broadly understood universe of horror. In addition to the glory, the winning team will also receive a serious gift.”

Aquaworld Halloween Night
“A creepy night when the ghosts of the underworld come to life, the cold running down your back, and screams breaking the silence of the night. Stay with us on October 31st and be part of the terrifying programs of Aquaworld Halloween Night.”

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Source: Funzine.hu

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  1. The advice should be ‘don’t’. These tacky ‘frivolities’ are a ghastly American export that bear no meaning to the date. It was a pagan festival called ‘Sanheim’. It is supposed to be a night of introspection, not of sending children out begging and all the commercial rubbish that happens.

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