Depeche Mode comes with eleven lorries and five buses. According to, the building and the preparation of Depeche Mode’s concert decoration begins on 17th May and will last for four days. A 500 square meter stage is being build with two levels.

Depeche Mode performs on 22th May, Monday in Groupama Arena, which now introduces itself as a concert venue. Live Nation shared details about the show, for which all the tickets are sold. It was revealed that the band will bring their own chef and kitchen staff to Budapest, and the whole travelling company counts seventy people including the band.

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They ship the equipment with eleven lorries, and four buses and five vans are also included in the tour, as they bring all the gears to each scenery. The two-leveled stage is going to be more than 500 square meters wide, its back will mostly consist of a gigantic led wall, on which photographer and music video director Anton Corbijn’s works will complete the visuals. They will also use stroboscope and smoke generators during the concert.

The preparation and construction will begin on 17th May, Thursday, and a technical test will be run on Sunday, the day before the concert. A crew of seventy Hungarians will help the production, mostly the construction and the demolition, but there will be some who work on the stage costumes or help the kitchen staff.

Photos: Youtube

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