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If you’ve been wondering about becoming a pilot, but didn’t really know how to start, what to do, where to go, well then, here is some good news for you: the University of Debrecen started advertising its Professional Pilot training.

As writes, the preparation and training of the professors for the courses have already begun, furthermore, the pilot-wannabes will be able to also take those in English at the University of Debrecen in the school year 2017/18.

The BSc training will include seven semesters (for 120 thousand USD) and is primarily advertised for foreign students at the Faculty of Engineering and Pharma Flight. András Farkas, head of the National Transport Aviation Authority, highlighted that, through this international course, they intend to ensure that there will be enough highly educated professional pilots in the future.

The main objective of the Professional Airline Pilot education is to give the applicants the knowledge and skills that make the passing of the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) integrated training’s manual and academic licencing of the National Transport Authority, Aviation Authority, possible, without any further education.

According to Géza Husi, associate professor, the final decision regarding the launching of the training will be most possibly known within a month. Meanwhile, the Faculty doesn’t seem the rest, they already began the training of the instructors.

Have you heard that a Hungarian invention might revolutionize aerial navigation?

They will get acquainted with the theoretical knowledge and the practical opportunities offered by Pharma Flight, such as the usage of the Boeing and Airbus simulators, and learn how those planes shall be driven.

Both of the tools are capable of practising the manoeuvres of taking off and landing, furthermore, emergency processes can be learnt as well, whether it be windy or foggy weather, night flights, a bird bumping into the plane, or even damage.

Moreover, the simulator is pretty unique in the world, for it allows the participants to learn how to handle situations when there’s no oxygen in the pilot booth. The international network of the University involves more than fifty countries, and the interest in the course is already huge.

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Source:, University of Debrecen

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