writes that a Hungarian idea may revolutionize aerial navigation, 100 million copies are expected to be sold of the invention of Hungarians, the smart glasses, by 2020.

A Hungarian start-up company developed smart glasses for pilots, which have the potential to radically change aerial navigation on the American and European markets. The invention, Aero Glass won an EU support of 1.1 million EUR, and operates by realistically expanding distant objects and information, by projecting them to a still visible space in 3D depth.

The distant points, terrains, important geological information, and settlements that cannot be seen by simple visual range are shown as the glass draws a digitally planned route into the aerospace. Therefore, the invention significantly improves the navigation capacity of the pilot by making it easier and safer than it was without the glasses.

Ákos Maróy, one of the inventors, told the site that they plan to get involved in the world of aviation through airline companies, aircraft manufacturers, and a million American and European pilots. Then, they would expand the technology to different industries, such as open pit mining and architecture, for these areas have already expressed interest in the Aero Glass.

According to the predictions, 10 million glasses would be annually sold by 2016, and 100 million by 2020. But at first, the tool has to be materialized, which process is said to be finished by the summer of 2017, financed by 1.100.750 EUR, and with the involvement of American and Hungarian (Ateknea Solutions) partners.


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