Is the HUF 50,000 banknote coming?

All the conditions are suitable for introducing a new banknote in Hungary. But is the HUF 50,000 bill really coming? #hungary #dailynewshungary #banknote #money #forint #inflation

Check out the beautifully renovated Széchenyi Castle! – PHOTOS

The construction phase of the renewal of the Széchenyi Castle in Nagycenk has been completed. Check out the beautiful building! #Hungary #SzéchenyiCastle #castle #renovation #heritage

Corvin-negyed metro station designers inspired by Star Wars – photos, video

The further down into the station you go, the stronger the illusion of time speeding up. Have you ever been to a metro station that gave you this feeling? Soon, you can experience it at Corvin-negyed. #hungary #budapest #m3 #metro #corvinnegyed #renovation

Ryanair launches four new Hungarian routes!

Great news for travellers! ✈️?

Orbán: Hungary aims to develop strong, modern army

Orbán praised Defence Minister Tibor Benkő for his efforts "in getting Hungary this far" ???

Hungary launches fourth satellite

One novel feature of SMOG-1 is its use of a magnetically lossy material ??️