new section of metro line 3
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The renewed southern section of Budapest’s third metro line, between Nagyv√°rad Square and KŇĎb√°nya-Kispest, was inaugurated on Thursday.

Budapest’s mayor, Gergely Kar√°csony, said at the ceremony that the metro project had helped make the line “a real, 21st century service”, but the next project to revamp the line’s central section was “still mired by many unresolved issues”.

The renewed section opened to the public at 5pm on Thursday.

Until Nov. 6, trains on the M3 will run along the whole length of the line, while the stops at Arany J√°nos utca, Ferenciek tere, Corvin-negyed and Semmelweis Klinik√°k will be closed.

The section was completely renovated, with a total of 14,000 square meters of cover that had to be replaced, but the biggest work was actually the modernization of the track network and electricity network.


According to Index, the mayor thanked the people of Budapest for their patience, on the one hand, because they waited so much and to endured the inconveniences of construction. At the same time, he indicated that he is asking for more patience from everyone, as the most difficult part is only coming now.

hév, Budapest, Hungary
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Source: MTI

  1. Hardly a 21st century service when the trains are an antiquated Russian design from the 1960’s slightly updated but still as ugly as sin.

  2. The Russian background of these trains – arriving to operate on our system, jury is still out on that one ///.
    They are outdated, especially in the summer months when they represent similarity to sitting in a sauna.
    Hungary did get “screwed” over the building of the Metro 3 line.
    Budapest got a new Metro line but the real winners where ???
    It has been, continues to be, a humongous financial expenditure burden on a costing factor, that going back, over time, could have been undertaken, without Political positioning and manipulation, that this Metro line was constructed.
    It serves a purpose and the needs of people, and hopefully, the carriages, next summer or the summer after, or the summer after that, will get air conditioning, as the future planning has been publicly released.
    Paulus and others may find of interest.
    Doha – Capital of Qatar, late February 2020, flight back from visiting the “land down under” what a Metro service they have.
    Quite over the top really, but could not resist the purchase of the gold card travel ticket on a metro service.
    The carriage consists, the seating alone, better than some 1st class aircraft seating.
    Memories, as they say, when we could travel the world in relative freedom, not engulfed as currently it is, and for time un-known, by this novel coronavirus.
    Stay Safe & Well – ALL.

  3. Sorry citizens of Budapest, but I love those Russian underground trains!
    History aside and all that, they add character to the oldest underground in mainland Europe
    I miss visiting your beautiful city so much.
    From England.

  4. If I may say, I do not mind those ” Russian ” coaches at all. Perhaps because after all they add a retro charme to the experience, and especially because unlike Gary I do not like a/c and that is because in citues where meyro does have a/c it hardly ever is at the correct temperature. Always way too cold, not healthy.

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