Do you fear death?” – asks a deformed voice on a video that went viral among the students of a Budapest elementary. A man sitting under a Christmas tree and holding a knife says to his viewers that if they do not forward this video to 15 people in 30 minutes, his knife will end them.

Parents and teachers try to help

They say it is very painful when somebody cuts your throat” – this is how the horror video starts. A man is sitting below a Christmas tree on the video flailing with a knife and talking about that he is a ghost. The video is

circulating in a closed group of 11-year-olds and some of them are already horrified.

Some children are scared, some of them cried and were not able to sleep because they believe that the man talking is really a ghost – parents said. One of them already sent the video to the police.

The school said to Blikk.hu that they know about the video and they are able to solve the situation. They added that the parents and the homeroom teacher handled the situation well. Furthermore, they organise a thematic day each year, on which they try to prepare their students for such situations. Recently, they talked about the dangers of the Internet. After a parent sent the video to the police, some officers came to the school, but they did not talk about the issue with the students – said the school. According to the police, they already started an investigation because of harassment.

Are Hungarian schools safe?

Gábor Makai, a Psychologist, said that in such situations

it is very important for the children to speak about the problem.

He added that a knife scares young children who believe that ghosts exist, and these kinds of fears can harm them. A video like this sets the imagination of the children afloat, this is why it is extremely dangerous. According to him, the parents must make their children talk about their frustrations. “Kids can hide their fear; however, unprocessed anxiety can influence their future development badly. Depression can emerge quickly, together with behavioural problems. If parents fail, it is inevitable to call external help.” – he said.

As we reported before, a 15-year-old Budapest secondary school student has been sentenced to two years’ probation in April

for planning a school shooting.

The teen told two of his classmates both in person and on social media that he was planning to carry out a school shooting similar to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, after which he would also kill himself.

Source: blikk.hu

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