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No to Budapest2024 – Yes to the investments?

Several investments were promised to be carried out regardless of #Budapest2024...

An Italian serial robber arrested in Budapest

The man is currently in pre-trial detention #italy #italian #Hungary #police #Budapest

The film adaptation of a world-famous Hungarian novel makes its debut in cinemas – VIDEO

After having its international debut at festivals, The White King, the novel originally written by György Dragomán, is finally to be released in Hungarian cinemas this […]

Weather forecast: sunny spring and snowy winter the same week

February is about to end soon, which quite “foreshadows” the image of flowers blooming, trees turning green, birds singing, while the sun is shining. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t […]

Foreigners find Hungary a pleasant place for work

Even though Hungarian workers are willing to leave the country for better opportunities, more money, or to just try out themselves in a new environment, […]

The new vehicles for Volánbusz are in the making

As reports, the Ikarus Egyedi Autóbusz Gyártó Kft. has begun the production of the new buses for Volánbusz. The production and mounting are in process already, and […]

Son of Saul just won a BAFTA Award

Son of Saul appears to be quite a favourite film at the award shows, winning several great awards and calling some attention to the Hungarian participants […]

Admiral Horthy’s Gold Train is being reconstructed writes that a significant emblem of the Horthy-era is about to become present again, for the Admiral’s Golden Train is being restored from 130 million HUF (over […]

Incredible relics found in a Turkish van reports that stolen and smuggled relics, worth about 160-200 million HUF, were found in a Turkish van travelling through Hungary. The Hungarian authorities in Bács-Kiskun county […]

The famous Heroes’ Square: now and then

The popular tourist attraction of the Hungarian capital city did not always look like today. invites us all on a tour, discovering the secrets of buildings […]

One of the most modern radiotherapy centres of Europe in Budapest reports that the National Institute of Oncology in Budapest will become one of the most modern radiation centres in the continent, as all of the old […]

How about an English language aviation course in Hungary?

If you’ve been wondering about becoming a pilot, but didn’t really know how to start, what to do, where to go, well then, here is some good news […]

The airports of Hungary: records in 2016 and new flights this year writes that all three international airports of Hungary closed a great year in 2016 and started 2017 as a rather promising one. Budapest, Debrecen and […]

Hungarian architects protest against the constructing of a tower block writes that the not-debated changing of the regulations regarding Budapest’s cityscape allows a 120-metre-high tower block to be built at the Kopaszi dam in Buda. […]

The Real CsĂ­ki Beer lost lawsuit against Heineken

Manufacturers of the Real Csíki Beer seem to have quite hard times, as they lost lawsuit against Heineken and their product became banned in Romania. As […]

A breath-taking timelapse video of Budapest’s biggest district

Several videos and photos have been taken of Budapest already, but, luckily, people’s interest in the visual representation of the beautiful Hungarian capital city does not […]

Good Charlotte is coming to Budapest

Budapest has been quite a significant location for concerts for a long time and luckily it does not really seem to get any worse. It is […]

Iain Lindsay’s Scottish Budapest – VIDEO

We have shared articles about the British Ambassador to Hungary quite a few times: Iain Lindsay often takes the time to surprise and entertain Hungarians by […]

Bus crash tragedy in Italy – Heroes of the accident

The tragic bus accident in Italy took away 16 people while 26 were left injured. wrote about the heroes of the tragedy, without whom the outcome […]

Guests were drugged and robbed at a club in Budapest reports that the District V Police Department of the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) investigates a case, where guests of a downtown club were robbed and drugged. The […]