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Budapest’s growing popularity among tourists – PHOTO GALLERY

Budapest’s growing popularity among tourists – PHOTO GALLERY

The capital city of Hungary has been a popular destination for tourists for a while now: its beautiful scenery, the bridges, the infamous ruin bars and baths, the festivals, the atmosphere of the city, and the two sides offering different experiences, thus enabling everyone to find what they look for; these have made Budapest a beloved target of visitors. writes, referring to the CEO of the Budapest Festival and Tourism Center (BFTK), that the Hungarian capital city attracted a great number of tourists throughout this year, including in the period prior Christmas time.

Teodóra Bán informed the site that the number of tourists broke records in Budapest: according to the data, the city could keep up with the rapid growth of 2015. Its multi-component being, locale, culture, and location in Europe all make Budapest one of the favourite destination of tourists.

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Bán further elaborated the significance of the Budapest Spring Festival, the CAFe (Contemporary Arts Festival), and the Budapest Summer Festival, highlighting that every season offers cultural events which make the city absolutely worth visiting.

One of the goals of the BFTK is, therefore, to increase the average 2.5 guest nights spent by a visitor in Budapest to 3.5, which is supported by several investments and developments. Furthermore, these are also beneficial for the local residents of the city.

Mentioning Budapest 2024, the candidacy for hosting the 2024 summer Olympics, Bán told that it is favourable for the prestige of the Hungarian capital to be competing alongside metropolises, such as Los Angeles and Paris.

Check the gallery below to get a glimpse of (and fall in love with) the picturesque Budapest.

Elizabeth Bridge Budapest Hungary

Photo: MTI

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