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Origo.hu writes that a Hungarian prostitute was murdered in Chemnitz, Germany: according to the news, she was stabbed.

The police suspects that a criminal act was carried out when a Hungarian prostitute was killed in Chemnitz. The news was released by the German Bild, writing that the victim was a 23-year-old woman going by the stage name Nelly. Her dead body was found at her workplace, in a condo, on Monday (October 31).


The apartment is located in Sonnenberg, an infamous part of Chemnitz, where many East European sex-workers work, as prostitution is legal in Germany. The victim was stabbed, presumably days before the body was found. One of her friends said that they were planning to meet on Saturday, but she did not show up, and her friends could not reach her either.

The police reported that they were not able to confirm the exact identity of the woman yet, and still have doubts. Still, it is certain that she lost her life because of a criminal act.

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Source: origo.hu

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