Nine photos capturing the concert of Nirvana in Budapest back in 1989 were published this weekend, writes Most of the fans didn’t know that any pictures were taken at the gig, but it turned out that they were wrong.

The legendary rock band led by Kurt Cobain played in Hungary only once during their career: the concert was held at the Petőfi Csarnok in Budapest, on November 21, 1989. They played for an audience of about 100-150 people, as the supporting act for TAD. Nirvana was relatively little-known back then, hence, written reviews on the gig, let alone photos, have been rarely found.

Pictures showing the members of Nirvana in Budapest have been available for a while now, unlike pictures taken during the concert. No such visual materials were shared. At least until now, because a Hungarian blog called Recorder was given a set of photos taken at the concert by Zsuzsa Fejér.

She attended the gig, captured some of the moments with her camera, and did not think that her photos were interesting or valuable. But her hairdresser, who has been a great fan of Kurt Cobain, told her how incredibly rare those photos are, so she offered them to Recorder.

The set of nine photos is now available HERE on the blog for anyone who would like to take a look at the Hungarian gig of one of the most significant bands in rock history.


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