According to and, 68 creative tenders have been submitted to renew a truly mesmerizing spot in Budapest: the Gellért Hill with the Citadel. Out of the 68 tenders, 14 were purchased, one including, for example, the implementation of a roller coaster between the Citadel and the Castle Garden.

Unexpectedly, 68 tenders were submitted to the Lechner Knowledge Centre, to present plans to the renewal of the Gellért Hill and the Citadel, by the deadline of November 10. This time not only the carefully and completely designed tenders were accepted, but creative and original ideas were more than welcome, as well. Anyone could submit a tender to revitalize the sights, provided, they took the World Heritage role and the balance of the natural treasures into account.

Members of the jury were prestigious and acknowledged architects, landscape architects, historians, and the main architect of Budapest, who were in charge of evaluating all the submitted works on the basis of landscape environment, the factor of fitting into the image of the city, the touristic significance, and the keeping of values. Out of the 68 entries, 3 were purchased for 3 million HUF, and 11 for 1 million HUF, each.

Chech this spectacular flashmob on Gellért Hill

One of the 3 outstanding projects is the work of István Boda and Bálint Iszak, who found it particularly important to link Tabán and the Gellért Hill by a green bridge, and to build a look-out tower facing the Danube and the Castle. Moreover, at one end of the Citadel a covered stage with auditorium would be placed.

gellert11 -citadel

The second one was designed by Tamás Palotai and co., and elaborates on the cave railway and the elevatored station in the Citadel in order to make getting to the top easier. They also put a great emphasis on the reconstruction of natural habitats and the establishment of flower parks and winery show parks.

gellert21 -citadel

Whereas the third one, submitted by dr. Nóra Horváth Hubayné and co., presents a roller coaster-like transportation between the Citadel and the Castle Hill. Furthermore, the Citadel would host a Viennese café as well, and a recessed bus garage, which would improve the image of the whole area.

Notably, many of the tenders deal with the thermal springs of the hill, and therefore, de

gellert31 - citadelsign a bath to its rondels, and an international bath association centre to the hill itself. The western rondel would get the Fellegvár fürdő (Citadel bath), which would be linked to the Rudas, Rácz, and Gellért baths by elevators and cave rails. Whereas the eastern rondels would enable visitors to experience a spectacular view from the pools.

Photos: Lechner Knowledge Centre


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