One of the paintings of the Hungarian László Moholy-Nagy was sold for a record amount of money recently at the New York auction of Sotheby’s, writes

The latest Sotheby’s auction in New York brought a great success for Hungarian art: Telephonbild (Telefonkép), painted by László Moholy-Nagy in 1922-23, was sold for 6 million USD (1.728 billion HUF), thus setting a new record for the highest bid of a Hungarian work of art.

Moreover, another painting of his found new owners at the auction, the Iridescent Space Modulator (Szivárványszínű térmodulátor) was sold for 800 thousand USD (more than 234 million HUF). As Sotheby’s describes the art of the painter:

“László Moholy-Nagy was a visionary who advocated for the integration of technology and industry into art. Throughout his career, he incorporated groundbreaking techniques, which tested preconceived notions of how artistic mediums could integrate with art, technology and the everyday object.”

Apparently, 2016 was a rather successful year for Hungarian works of art; one of the paintings in the Mariale series of Simon Hantai was decided to be worth of 4.432 million EUR (1.386 billion HUF) at a Paris auction of Sotheby’s. Furthermore, the same auction brought a remarkable amount of money, 411 thousand EUR (over 126 million HUF) for Eclatement (part of the Outburst / Kitörés series), a painting by Judit Reigl as well.

Earlier Judit Reigl’s painting set a record

Also, Attila Szűcs’s oil painting, Touch (Érintés), gained 16 thousand GBP (near 6 million HUF), while El Kazovszkij’s Garden of Venus IV (Vénusz kertje IV) was sold for near 14 thousand GBP (almost 5 million HUF). Further paintings sold for over 10 thousand GBP include works by Sámuel Havadtőy and István Nádler.

Additionally, an avant-garde piece of art by Sándor Galimberti had the highest bid of 21 thousand GBP (7.607 million HUF) and paintings of Lajos Kassák and Mattis Teutsch were sold for over 30 thousand GBP (10.867 million HUF).


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