writes that the Night of Museums this Saturday is an event to enchant visitors, among others, by introducing the National Museum’s everyday and historical heroes, light paintings, the dance school of the ‘50s, and lots of music. Aside the National Museum an amazing lot of museums await visitors this weekend all over the country.

For the 13th time this year the Night of Museums, organized by the Ministry of Human Capacities, is being held all over the country, in order to educate and entertain people at the same time, giving a surely extraordinary experience to the visitors who spend the night in one (or more) museum(s).

As it can be read on the official website of the event, the aim is to show how museums are not only about the past, but about opening for the present and the future. They are filled with works of art by which visitors can get an insight into how wonderful the world is, as arts illustrate the diversity and richness of the world worth to experience, and show how humans are full of surprises and worth to get to know.

This year the theme is Heroes, explorers, innovators (Hősök, felfedezők, újítók), and the highlighted venue is the city of Kecskemét, the birth place of József Katona, Hungarian dramatist, writer of Bánk bán. Thus, at the several locations of the event visitors may meet the heroes and become the explorers themselves, as only in Budapest more than two dozen museums offer about 80 programmes for everyone interested.

For instance, the National Museum awaits guests with several exhibitions, such as the Treasure of our nation (“Nemzetünk kincse”) exhibition, the Dance school a la ‘50s: Rock and Roll, slow fox, quickstep, jive and tango, the Heroes, heroic power of art, cult of heroes (“HŐSök, a művészet (H)ŐSI ereje, HŐSkultusz) guided tour, and many more interesting programmes.

Among other wonderful locations in Budapest, the 102-year old Danubius Hotel Astoria also prepares for the event with a walk and exhibition in the historical building, plus a buffet dinner called the Conquest in gastronomy (Honfoglalás a gasztronómiában) is prepared as well.

Moreover, the House of Terror will be too participating in the Night with its fix programmes and special ones, such as the 1956 for freedom and independence (“1956 a szabadságért és a függetlenségért”) outdoor exhibition, as well. Besides, rare documentaries, including the film of the life of Ferenc Puskás (“Játsszunk nyugodtan”) will be screened.

But aside the capital city, numerous other cities and towns of the country await enthusiastic and interested visitors to spend some time, culturally educating themselves while having fun, too. Just to name a few, Cegléd also takes part in the event: a discussion with artists in its Artem Gallery and wine tasting are planned, among the guided tours, plus every 50th visitor gets a painting as a gift!

Debrecen is on the list of participants too. The Déri Museum, for example, prepares for an irregular history class, a number of music programmes (e.g., Crocodile Rock and Wesser Patrik, Balkán Fanatik) a fire juggler show and a guided tour by Attila Mispál, the director of the Museum.

Furthermore, the Esterhazy-castle in Fertőd welcomes guests for a little time travel, as the age of baroque will come to life. At “Hefele 300” an exhibition of architecture shall be visited. The Savaria Historical Festival is the guest of honour of the event, that can be attended in the castle too, while the frontage of the building will be enlivened by musical and light harmonies.

Though, Pécs also welcomes visitors for the Night of Museums, one of its locations is the Janus Pannonius Museum, where an archaeological exhibition of the Roman age Sopianae-Baranya is open and an interesting, interactive and realistic 3D animation, illustrating Sopianae, will be introduced.

To present one more of the incredibly many programmes and locations, let me call attention to Sümeg and its castle, for during the event, visitors can walk through the drawbridge to the inner castle where they may go on a guided tour with torches, or watch the celebratory bonfire in the courtyard and the beacon lit together with the surrounding castles.

So, programmes are on this Saturday, the 25th of June, and tickets are available: for adults it costs 1500 HUF, while for children (age of 6-18) 600 HUF, and kids under the age of 6 can attend all these fun events for free.

If you feel interested and want to find out more about the Night of Museums before it kicks off, make sure to pay a visit to the website, where you shall find the pretty long list of all the museums of the country participating in the event and see for yourself what they offer.


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