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Urban Ballerina: Hungarian dancer on breath-taking photos

Urban Ballerina: Hungarian dancer on breath-taking photos

What do you get if you mix charm with urbanism? Well, Fanny Müller, one of the most famous Hungarian artistic nude models and András Bácskai, one of the best Hungarian urban photographers, joined their forces to create a breath-taking project, which proves how well the seemingly opposite worlds go together.

Fanny Müller is a truly versatile woman – a freelancer model, actress and dancer, who does photo shoots all over the world. András Bácskai contacted Fanny in the beginning of the last year and told her about his vision of combining the industrial, urban environment with the graceful and feminine world of dancers.

“Being an urban photographer, I knew the places very well. And Fanny is one of the most popular European dancer and nude models, so we immediately got on very well work-wise. We both knew what our task was” says András.

“She always knows what I want to see on the photos, she always adds something to the original concept with her professionality.”


András met Fanny at a model workshop a decade ago and he knew that the dancer would be the perfect choice for the project. Fanny said yes to the project right away. They started out shooting in Budapest, but they have been to the exciting quarters of Vienna, Dubai, New York and Hong Kong since then.

They are constantly expanding the photo series: among others, the duo tries to capture Fanny’s aerial acrobatic skills in an everyday environment.

Since most of the photos are taken in public and many times crowded places, many people got the chance to see them work wonders. However, they mostly experience that people intentionally turn their heads away.


One time they shot in a Supergirl costume along the line of metro 3. Fanny sat down on the metro full of people but no one looked at her. She could even be hanging upside down from the handholds, no one would stare at her. Therefore, the shootings go quite smoothly. And this is exactly what we see in the photos: an etheric woman in the urban world.

Get ready for a mind-blowing photo gallery. You might even take a liking for travelling on metro 3 😉

Check out András’s Facebook page for more urban photos, and Fanny’s Facebook page for more artistic pictures!

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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