reports that the Hungarian winners of this year’s Central European Startup Awards were announced in 12 categories, on October 27.

The results of the national round of the Central European Startup Awards were released in Mosaik, a start-up centre and social office, on October 27. The main organizer of the event was Remco Veenenberg, from the team of

[learn_more caption=”The CES Awards”] The CES Awards is the biggest start-up competition of the Central and Easter European region and is held annually in one of the 10 countries (Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria). It is one of the Global Startup Awards, which are held in Europe and Asia.[/learn_more]

The main aim of the competition is to encourage the integration of the region’s start-ups to the international scene and to help establishing cooperation between the start-ups. Thus, 10 national rounds are held, with the regional main event, thereafter, which brings the participants of the start-up world together.

A Hungarian start-up would revolutionize renting procedures

Therefore, the founders chose the strategy of announcing the winners of each category on the spot – similarly to the Oscars – at the Awards, so almost every nominated entry sends a representative to the events.

After revealing the winners, the main focus is on creating professional relationships and networks. The regional winners of each category are chosen from the national winners of the 10 countries by the regional jury of more than 50 members, who are globally acknowledged professionals.

The jury of this year’s Hungarian national round:

  • Joerg Bauer: president of GE Hungary
  • Krisztina Horváth: HR director of SAP Labs Hungary
  • Nicholas Magyar-Zimmerman: operative manager of SAP Labs Hungary
  • Zsolt Farkas: co-founder of the Growth Panda Agency
  • Imre Hild: partner of the Digital Factory Accelerator
  • Bálint Orosz: Head of App Product at Skyscanner
  • Barnabás Málnay: MMCluster, WS Cofounder, EIT Digital, Smartware.Tech
  • Mónika Németh: manager of FinTech Group
  • Zsolt Oleg Berta: investor, start-up mentor
  • Pál Honti: education-technological director at Intellisense
  • Tamás Terray: founder of iMind,, JoSzaki
  • Antónia Imre: manager of InVendor
  • Mary Collins: business development part of Centric Digital
  • Dávid Kozma: Lead Concept Artist, Gameloft
  • Mátyás Dobó: product development director at Magyar Telekom
  • Zoltán Vígh: IT operation leader of Nextent Informatics
  • Attila Dobos: consultant at Edukado

Some of this year’s regional winners will receive an invitation to participate at next year’s global final, the Global Startup Awards, to compete with the winners of other regions, and thus find the global victors of each category. The main event will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on December 1.

Earlier this year, the Hungarian BOOKR Kids won another start-up competition

The Hungarian winners of the 12 categories in the national round:

  • Start-up of the year: Synetiq
  • Best early stage start-up: CodeBerry
  • Best IoT (Internet of Things) start-up: ThingBlox
  • Best indie game developer: Black Riddles Studio
  • Best user experience: Nostromo
  • Best incubation program: Design Terminál Tech Hub
  • Best FinTech start-up: Shinrai
  • Most influential woman of the start-up ecosystem: Veronika Pistyur
  • Most co-working space: Loffice Budapest
  • Best social impact: SignAll
  • Investor of the year: Day One Capital
  • Best AI solution: Analogy


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