According to, the Hungarian BOOKR Kids were chosen the best out of 148 start-ups of 23 countries at the CEE Lift Off!, which is the biggest competition for start-ups in Central and Eastern Europe.

The competition was held as part of Brain Bar Budapest last week, where the judges chose the project of BOOKR Kids to form the way children are reading storybooks, the best. The BOOKR Kids application is a virtual library of classic tales, an audio library, animation movie store and a bookstore – where the latest updates can be bought – simultaneously. Moreover, several interactive games are included. Also, it contains an app which provides help in learning to read: the kids choose a tale which is read out by an actor, while they can follow the storyline thanks to the highlighting and an interactive transcription.

Importantly, the success of BOOKR Kids is significant internationally, too, as they became the victors among the 148 start-ups of 23 countries. By winning the CEE Lift OFF! the Hungarians gained an opportunity to take part in a 6 month long accelerator programme provided by OXO Labs, an investment offer of 150,000 EUR by the Power Angels, who are regarded the “A-team” of investors in Hungary, and they also received the opportunity to spend 6 months in the Loffice Budapest, the “pioneer of Hungarian co-working spaces”.

10 teams were competing in the final of the CEE Lift OFF!, of whom the team of Battlejungle gained most of the audience votes. They are fundamentally reforming the HR training services and target a huge market with their innovative services, thus, they won the support of the Oppenheim law firm for a year. The judges gave a special award to team MyCG, who are working on the development of a cardiogram which would be built into clothes. Their company is located in France and operates a private clinic which specializes in cardiac and vascular interventions. The UNIOMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS will provide thema  full range of PR services during a crowdfunding campaign.

Below, you may watch a short video about BOOKR Kids: (the audio is in Hungarian, though the visuals make its working quite understandable)


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