The Hungarian capital city is one of the locations of a Chinese TV series, writes The work has just begun these days, so watch out, you may bump into the filming of one of China’s most popular shows.

A Chinese TV series called Ren Jian Zhi Wei Shi Qing (in English: Love Actually) will feature Budapest among other places as one of its locations. Interestingly, the scenes shot here will actually portray Budapest this time, unlike when, for example, the city served as Moscow for World War Z.

Originally the shootings were set to be in Prague, but the producer eventually chose the capital of Hungary. A crew of 70 people arrived recently to city, including Csen Csiao-en and Tung Tavej, the two protagonists, who are celebrated singers back home.

Harrison Ford is also in town

They are going to spend two weeks in Budapest, the locations of the filming are said to be the Liszt Ferenc Airport, Groupama Arena, Dorottya Palace, the bar of Gozsdu-udvar, the New York Café, the Fisherman’s Bastion restaurant, the Opera House and one of the luxury shops at Andrássy street.

The crew is helped by the Korda Studio and the Hungarian Tourism Agency. Furthermore, Eger and Gödöllő will also host some shooting sessions to the series which is an especially popular show in China: about 400-500 million people watch an episode.

Also, this might be seriously beneficial for Hungary’s tourism, because the locations of the popular series are beloved destinations of Chinese people and would encourage tourists to visit the country or city their favourite show was set in.


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