USA Hungary writes that Jeffrey D. Gordon, foreign policy advisor of Donald Trump, regards Orbán a brave leader who uses his common sense.

Invited to Hungary by the Antall József Knowledge Centre, Jeffrey D. Gordon, foreign policy advisor of the US President-Elect Donald Trump, gave an interview to Mandiner, in which he expressed his views on the Hungarian Prime Minister.

He said that he was especially glad when Mr Orbán, as first of the leaders, publicly decided to support the Republican candidate, Trump. Furthermore, he assured the interviewer that Trump’s team has a great respect and admiration for Orbán and mentioned that Trump and Orbán also had a conversation on phone last week.

Orbán is intivited to Washington by Trump

The PM of Hungary is one of the favourite leaders of Gordon, an opinion with which Trump also agrees. The advisor said that the people around world will realise that Trump and Orbán are right, and that Orbán is one of the best leaders in the world. One that puts his country to the first place, which is similar to their intentions in Making America great again.

He added that the way Europe treated the migrant crisis was a disaster, and it should certainly be changed in the future. According to his opinion, the EU should take back the migrants to the shores of Libya instead of Lampedusa.

Talking about the relations between Hungary and the US, he said that a new chapter is to be started, and it was really about time. He ended the conversation by saying that “We’re gonna make the America-Hungary relation great again.”

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