The Hungarian Recirquel Contemporary Circus Company, on the verge of becoming world famous, debuts its first film, titled What a Circus!  giving an insight into their magical world, on February 2.

Balancing between fiction and reality, documentary and feature film, What a Circus! depicts the lives of the artists of the Budapest-based Recirquel, their preparations, fears and dreams, and the making of a show, writes

Directed by Glória Halász, the film was shot for more than three years and portrays the acrobats of the breath-taking performances from a unique view: the audience gets acquainted with their stories, fears, and dreams through footages, which were shot in industrial ports, ruin bars, factory quarters, and on the rooftop of a 100-year-old house.

Apparently, in addition to the unusual shooting locations, the film was created in a feature-like style, thus promising rather more visual excitement and cinema entertainment than a simple documentary would do.

The journey of Recirquel started when Bence Vági. the director, who founded the company as the first Hungarian contemporary circus company in 2012. They are permanently working, they have been performing their four feature-length productions in Müpa, all sold out nights, for years now, and entertaining festival-goers at Sziget as well.

Moreover, ‘Paris Du Nuit’ brought them more than 18 thousand spectators in France just last year, and in October they had the honour to be the opening act of the season at the La TOHU theatre of the legendary Cirque du Soleil.

Recirquel has become a regularly performing act in theatres around the world: more than 150 thousand people were interested in their shows in many countries, such as France, the Netherlands, Spain, Chile, and Colombia.

Make sure not to miss What a Circus!, the film of the wonderful Recirquel, that will be available in Hungarian cinemas from February 2; until then, just to get you in the mood, why not watch the trailer below?

Staff members, alongside the director Glória Halász, include Dániel Tiszker as co-director, Ádám Pataki as the cameraman, and Péter Sárik ensuring the music.

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