A new Hungarian circus production is going to open the season in La TOHU, Montreal, which was established by the world greatest stage performance company, Cirque de Soleil. Montreal is the capital of the genre, so performing here is a big honour. Index writes that the two week long series of shows by Hungarian Recirquel is going to open the season with its show called Circus in the Night between 12 and 22 October.

Containing only Hungarian artists, dancers and performers, Recirquel is getting more and more well-known. The French Le Parisien also appreciated their show, which is a contemporary Hungarian work that recalls the long forgotten Hungarian circus traditions and restores it to its symbolic status.

Vági Bence, the writer and director of the show says that, although we raise about 20 artists every year, they all go abroad. Vági started to train these artists in dance and dramatic arts, while keeping the classical Hungarian circus traditions. They constantly play abroad, and two of their artists had been invited by Cirque de Soleil but they eventually decided to stay with the Hungarian corporation. Vági also mentions that their relationship is not bad with Cirque de Soleil, moreover, its management is going to be taking part in the premiere, and they also work together to start a training program in Hungary.

After the Canadian shows, Recirquel comes home to Hungary and, as Vági mentions, they going to perform 20 times, only in December.

Photo: Facebook.com/Recirquel

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Source: Index

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