A sculpture in Budapest became the second most important work of art in the world

Only a French sculpture beat the Holocaust monument on the bank of the Danube on the list of Architectural Digest, reports

Free travelling of pensioners costs EUR 58.6 million

A written parliamentary answer shows that the free local and commuter travelling of the pensioners costs HUF 17.7 billion ( EUR 57.6 million)...

Hungarian actress among the greatest European talents of 2017


Hungarian pálinka manufacture conquers in Africa

Sándor Balogh had an unusual idea: we should not export our national beverage, pálinka, but produce it locally. Furthermore, the location...

Chongqing representation of HTCC starts working

The new representation of HTCC has been working since January 2017 in South China, reports

The American pizza colossus breaks into Europe through Hungary

The third largest pizzeria line of the world, Little Caesars thinks that it is time to start their expansion in Hungary, reports

Free airport Wi-Fi: here is the global list

Here are the Wi-Fi passwords of the most important airports around the world, on one map, reports

Canadian bloggers gushing about Miskolc

The Canadian Feather and the Wind travelling couple – Felicia and Wesley – visited Miskolc in December.

The Airbnb fever in Budapest is over

It seems that the Airbnb fever is over since September, and the main reason for this is that the market is full and short-term apartment...