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Free airport Wi-Fi: here is the global list

Free airport Wi-Fi: here is the global list

Here are the Wi-Fi passwords of the most important airports around the world, on one map, reports Turizmus Online.

Anil Polat, blogger and computer expert, who is also a world traveller, collected the Wi-Fi passwords of all the important airports of the world on an interactive map. The map is updated regularly and the blogger is waiting for the missing information from other world travellers.

The airport of Budapest is also on the map. The airport of Graz, Vienna, Klagenfurt and Salzburg are available from Austria. Ljubljana Airport from Slovenia and Prague Airport in the Czech Republic are also mentioned. All the names of the networks are seen on the map, and these do not require any passwords. Not like in Zagreb Airport where, according to the map, only 15 minutes free wireless connection is available.

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