Good news for tourists in Budapest: easier navigation on the BKV website!

The official website of BKV has been relaunched with a new look. Now, it is easier to navigate and find your way around on their website. #hungary #dailynewshungary #bkv #transport #website

Sketchy Russian websites advertise easy resettlement in Hungary

Some Russian websites make false promises about resettlement in Hungary... #Hungary #Russia #scam

Wizz Air system crash UPDATE: Problem solved, system back in full operation

On Monday afternoon, Wizz Air's system crashed and was down until around 6 AM this morning. It was not possible to access the check-in option either, causing serious problems for passengers. #hungary #dailynewshungary #wizzair

Google Street View car attacked with pitchfork in Hungary

The man complained that the Google Street View car was filming the area. #hungary #dailynewshungary #google #googlestreetview #streetview

Revolutionary Google innovation available in Hungary!

Google is extending one of its most useful platforms to Hungary. #hungary #dailynewshungary #google #platform #internet

Survey: Americans keep wondering why Hungary does not use the euro!

CashNetUSA found out what Americans want to know the most about every country in the world. Here is their result regarding Hungary #Hungary #Hungarian #USA #UnitedStates #dailynewshungary #Google #euro #money

Interesting maps of Hungary that give a new perspective — PART I

Let's break away from the familiar. Check out our interesting and varied compilation of maps that give you a new perspective! #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #map

Hungary is one of the EU countries most interested in the dark web in 2022

Croatia is the country most interested in the dark web in 2022. What about Hungary?

The most effective methods for evaluating the value of your domain

Every year, more than 600,000 new small businesses open in the United States, and a good number of them have a website with a domain name.

Why web security is more than just SSL

SSL certificates are incredibly important. Without one, everyone visiting your site will have insecure connections and run the risk of attacks like man-in-the-middle attacks.

Create a WordPress blog: things you need to consider

There are several other things to consider before creating a WordPress blog. However, these will help you start building your WordPress blog!

Breaking – Yettel phones (+36-20) are dead in Hungary!

Customers of Yettel in Hungary complain that they cannot start or receive a call. Furthermore, their mobile internet disappeared. Here are the details. #Hungary #Hungarian #Yettel #dailynewshungary #useful #phone #mobile #internet

Hungarian MOL backlisted by the Anonymous hacker group after Bucha Massacre

Besides large multinational #companies, #Hungarian #MOL is also mentioned on the backlist of #Anonymous ⚠️ 🇭🇺 🇺🇦 #dailynewshungary

Here is why NATO could kick out Hungary at any time!

Due to a serious mistake, Hungary can pay a high price. #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #NATO #hackers

This Hungarian optical illusion photo went viral – which way is the guy facing?

Need a mental break from work? Have a look at this #viral #opticalillusion #photo and figure out which way the man is facing! #Hungary #photography

Hungarian websites suffered defacing, political cyber-attacks!

The number of hacker attacks targeting Hungary has increased significantly in the past weeks! 💻🌐🇭🇺 #anonymous #hacking #cyberattack #internet #hungary #dailynewshungary

Budapest is becoming a popular place among digital nomads

This year, Hungary joined the list of countries that explicitly support the entry and temporary settlement of digital nomads. 💻🇭🇺 #digital #statistics #budapest #hungary #dailynewshungary

Orbán discusses digitalisation with Deutsche Telekom chief executive

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán discussed the challenges and achievements related to digital developments in Hungary with Timotheus Hoettges, chief executive of German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom, […]

What exactly is a virtual private network (VPN), and how does it function?

Sponsored content Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. This is a service that establishes a secure connection to the corporate […]

What to play before the big autumn releases?

Sponsored article What are you playing before the autumn season of gaming begins? What’s your adventure while all of the major developers are polishing and adding […]