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Free travelling of pensioners costs EUR 58.6 million

Free travelling of pensioners costs EUR 58.6 million

A written parliamentary answer shows that the free local and commuter travelling of the pensioners costs HUF 17.7 billion ( EUR 57.6 million) all together, reports

The travelling discounts of pensioners make up HUF 26.8 billion (EUR 87.2 million) all together – says the written answer of Bence Rétvári, Minister of Ministry of Human Capacities, which was given to the question of Zoltán Lukács, representative of MSZP. 66% of it covers the free local and commuter travelling, namely, HUF 17.7 billion (EUR 56.7million). The remaining HUF 9.1 billion is for the 50% and 90% discount of those above 65 years, who get travelling vouchers.

According to the chart released by the minister, the travelling discount for individuals above 65 affects around 650,000 people:

  • HUF 10.5 billion (EUR 34.16 million) goes for commuter travelling
  • and HUF 7.1 billion (EUR 23.1 million) for local travelling.

Even more, 1.797 million people use the voucher, which allows 16 travels a year:

  • the 50% discounts cost HUF 1.87 billion (EUR 59 million),
  • the 90% ones HUF 1.86 million (EUR 5,870)
  • and the discounted  local season tickets cost HUF 5.4 billion (EUR 17 million).

The government indicates these discounts in the budget as social policy fare supports. The statement of costs has been frozen for years, with an amount of HUF 104 billion (EUR 328.3 million).

Besides travelling, pensioners can have discounts in other fields as well:

  • 34% of people who are entitled to public health care are above 62 years, so there is HUF 5.6 billion (EUR 17.7 million) put away for taking care of the elderly.
  • 59,434 people used sport discounts last year, and the validated discounts total up to HUF 33.6 million (EUR 106,000). It is important to mention that discounted tickets and season tickets are primarily for students and pensioners, therefore the discount used by a pensioner cannot be separated, so the total amount is determined in 50%.

It is interesting that most of the pensioners used the Császár-Komjádi Swimming Stadium for their sport discounts, that is followed by the Hajós Alfréd and Széchenyi Tamás Swimming Stadiums.

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