Hungary paying price for EU not needing internal border protection

Finance minister Varga: Hungary should receive a huge compensation for its expenditures

Future sanctions from Brussels over budget deficit not the only reason for concern for Hungary

Do you think Brussels would be right to sanction Hungary over its budget deficit?

The EU may begin another procedure against Hungary due to overspending

But we are not alone. #eu #europeancommission #vonderleyen #government #deficit #budget

Hungary’s budget in big trouble: grand restriction pack may come after June

The second half of 2024 may bring serious budgetary restrictions in Hungary. #budget #economy #s&p #finance #fiscalproblems #budapestairport

Hungary to prepare EU’s 2025 budget

The finance ministry stands ready to fulfil the important task of the upcoming presidency of drafting the EU's 2025 budget, finance minister Mihály Varga said. #finance #eupresidency #budget

Fidesz politician: ‘EP left-liberal majority passes judgment without evidence’

"The decision was motivated by fear that centrist-right political parties would gain strength not only in Hungary but throughout Europe," László Trócsányi said. #Fidesz #Hungariangovernment #EP #Europe

Orbán cabinet miscalculated by EUR 3.1 billion, budget deficit has become brutal in 2023

Government admits clear failure of 2023 budget in Hungary - final figures confirmed

Hungary’s budget deficit was shockingly high in 2023

The Hungarian government kelt the budget deficit numbers increasing, but it exceeded all expectations #budget #economy #government

Official: Hungarian government’s financial calculations failed in 2023

Why did the budget fail? #budget #GDP #deficit #finance

Hungary’s budget in serious trouble: EUR 2.62 billion missing

Hungary's budget is in serious trouble even though the government cut back development expenditures due to the lack of EU money. #budget #economy #crisis #government

Hungarian budget working group holds inaugural meeting

"The goal is clear: the strict defence of the budget balance and the further reduction of deficit and public debt levels," Mihály Varga added. #Hungarianeconomy #budget

Budapest assembly adopts 2024 budget

The Budapest municipal assembly on Wednesday adopted the city council’s 2024 budget, targeting revenue of 437.7 billion forints (EUR 1.1bn) and expenditures of HUF 442.6 billions. […]

Hungary’s EU funding for the 2014-2020 projects under completion

"In the last funding period, Hungary had 11.5 billion euros in resources, and, taking domestic co-financing into account, the EU framework amounted to 27 billion"

Brave promise: government will curb deficit, debt despite higher expenses

The #government is working to ensure budget resources to preserve the value of pensions, maintain family subsidies and the utility price cut scheme, they said #debt #economy #budget

Here is S+P’s verdict about whether you should invest in Hungary or not

The Finance Ministry shared S+P's verdict about Hungary's state debt #economy #government

Hungary’s budget is in trouble: less income, more expenditure, state unable to save money

The Orbán government, having a supermajority, regularly accepts Hungary's annual budget the year before. But this year, the figures look bad. #budget #economy #government

Fitch: Hungary will not escape recession, the state budget looks bad

Here is Fitch Ratings' projection about the Hungarian economy and the figures do not look great: the only sure thing is recession #economy #Fitch #economy #crisis

No governmental support, Budapest strives to survive

Receipt of some HUF 55 billion (EUR 140.9m) in support promised by the government is still in question. #budapest #budget

Here is the central bank’s big decision, forint getting stronger

Here is the central bank's big decision affecting the currency exchange rate of the forint #forint #bank #nationalbank #Matolcsy #Hungariansabroad

Hungary’s forint among the world’s best currencies: what does the future hold?

Here is what future may hold for the Hungarian forint after being one of the best currencies in the world. #forint #economy #government #nationalbank #monetarypolicy