Sándor Balogh had an unusual idea: we should not export our national beverage, pálinka, but produce it locally. Furthermore, the location should be Africa. The businessman – who has excellent local knowledge being the president of the African Hungarian Union – chose Uganda as the location of the first pálinka project, reports Lokál.

Because of the tropical conditions, the quality drink is not made of the well-known peach and plum, but banana, pineapple and jackfruit, at a mini farm built by the Hungarian people of Kapeke. The first bottles containing exotic but still Hungarian pálinka get in stores in the next months.

Sándor Balogh said to Lokál Extra: “We have already started the building of a larger distillation factory, which I hope to help to put a bigger amount of pálinka onto the market.”

The president of the African Hungarian Union also noted that, after Uganda, the next location of the pálinka project will be Morocco, where there might be a chance to make pálinka out of pomegranate and pineapple.

The Hungarian pálinka types, which also count as a Hungaricum, can be exported specialties in the next years – said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Moreover, the image of the country could be built with its help, which, otherwise, costs a lot of money.

The man behind the idea said that no name has been chosen for the pálinka yet, so they are happy to receive any ideas on their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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Source: Lokál

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