Google has just published its list of the Best Apps of 2018, where two Hungarian applications for Android operating systems are featured.

Index reports that two Hungarian apps – one for photo editing, and one for language learning – were chosen as some of the best Android applications in 2018 by Google. Both apps are available for free on the App Store and in Google Play.


With the help of Vimage you can loop videos out of simple images in just a few steps. Vimage allows you to create cinemagraphs, which are photos having one moving section: for example, the steam is moving above the teacup. Traditionally you would need a professional equipment and serious skills to create cinemagraphs, but thanks to this app developed by a group led by Zsolt Czigler, you can create your own moving picture.

However, there is a limited set of ‘filters’, including smoke and steam movement, fireworks, moving clouds, and some 10-15 others so far, with new ones on the way.


Drops is an app designed to make language learning simple and fun, initially available only for iOS, but thanks to the high demand, an Android version was created too. Their website describes the app in a concise and attractive way: “The short, engaging games make language learning a fun part of your daily routine and not a chore”. After this, who would not be tempted to download it and finally take up an exotic language?

28 languages are available, including two different versions of English (American and British), of Portuguese (European and Brazilian) and of Spanish (Castilian and Latin American).

Most importantly, Hungarian too.


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